Dana lived alone in a house in a small midwestern town. She was currently single and did not have many friends.

One day she woke up early in the morning while it was still dark outside. She had thought she heard a noise but figured it was just the end of a dream she couldn’t remember. She was not tired enough to go back to sleep so she decided to start preparing for work. She went to take a shower. She liked her showers piping hot, with the highest tolerable heat.

She showered for about fifteen minutes. She would have to stop taking such long showers if she wanted to cut down her water bill. After washing her hair she opened her eyes and noticed something.

The sliding glass doors had been completely steamed over, like always. But this time, there were two drawings in the steam like the kind you make when you are a kid with your finger that continue to show up for weeks afterward every time you take a shower or bath. But Dana knew she had not made these drawings and that they hadn’t been there the last time she had showered. One appeared to be of a skull and cross-bones. The other was a large pentagram.

Frightened, she immediately got out of the shower to find that there was also a message written in the steam on her bathroom mirror.

It said, “Look behind you”.

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