In the early 2000s, Hasbro made a popular toy called Furby. A couple years ago they started making a revamped Furby line. Now I never owned a Furby, but I did get Shelby, Hasbro’s spin-off, for my birthday. I made the mistake of playing with it in a sand box during that same birthday party, and it broke. So my mom bought me another one, and got one for my sister as well. They both broke within a couple weeks, so we got another and agreed to share it. That one broke, so by that time our mom didn’t even have to explain to us why she wouldn’t get us another one, since even at our young age we had realized what pieces of junk they were. So we didn’t even complain at all.

Now, this isn’t a “creepypasta”. This isn’t a story about a Furby that suddenly starts saying strange things it isn’t programed to and teleports around the house while the owner is away or asleep. This isn’t even really a “theory” pasta. This is merely a list of things that anyone who has owned an old-school Furby (or Shelby) can attest to (with the exception of the last two):

  1. The original Furby was one of the first toys that could “talk” to each other.
  2. The Furby laugh is one of the creepiest things you will ever hear from a toy.
  3. The Furby itself looks kind of creepy, and the original first-generation Furbies look even creepier.
  4. It often either will not shut up when you want them to or will start talking at seemingly random times.
  5. A Furby will sometimes talk even when you thought you turned it off, reset it, or even took the batteries out.
  6. It will wake up in the middle of the night and say something with no more stimulus than you walking past the closed door of the closet you keep it in to go to the bathroom.
  7. If you keep it in a closet, it seems to be staring at you with its half-closed eyes, menacingly, when you open it. This is especially creepy if it is a Shelby, because the shell is lowered, covering part of the eyes.
  8. When Furby first came out, they were banned on military bases for security reasons, even though everyone knows that they are pre-programmed with what to say over time, and that they don’t really “learn” to talk.
  9. As if all these things about old-school Frubys weren’t creepy enough, now they have a new version with glowing eyes. If you abuse this Furby (throw it against the wall, shake it up, etc.) it will take on a new “evil” persona with slanted, menacing eyes.
  10. There are many Furby “possession” stories online. While many of them are probably just creepypastas that aren’t labeled as such, given my own experience with Shelby, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them are true.
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