Hello, I'd like to introduce myself. Like what I'm sure is virtually everyone here, I have joined this community because I was fed up with the current modship on the wiki that shall not be named. The minute I found out about this wiki I jumped on it.

I am heavily active on the Creepypast Wiki. You can see my stories here: I also currently have an old SCP draft in our Drafts forum.

So with that said, I may as well share some of my thoughts and ideas regarding this place:

Objects are classified based on the threat level/likelyhood of containment breach they pose. Recently, I thought of an additional classification system to denote exactly how anomalous a containment object is. I was going to pitch it on the wiki that shall not be named but as of today I'm done with them. Anyway, I'm thinking it could go something like this:

Level 4 Anomaly: "Most anomalous" of objects. Object completely defies modern empirical science. The original SCP statue would be an example of this.

Level 3 Anomaly: Object is mostly beyond understanding, but some scientific principles can be assigned to it with research and observation.

Level 2 Anomaly: The Authority has pieced together significant information about how the object works based on modern science, but there are still significant gaps. Even so, it may just be a matter of waiting for human technology to advance enough to understand it fully.

Level 1 Anomaly: Mostly mundane object with one or two anomalous properties that the Authority is getting closer and closer to solving. Eventually, the Authority may be able to completely or almost completely figure it out and then leak it to the scientific community.

Also, people have brought up the question of what nomenclature we will use, so I have a couple suggestions:

Mobile Task Force=Roving Field Detachment

Class D=Category E (for Expendable)

Group of Interest=Organization of Importance

Finally, I'd like to address the fact that we're on Wikidot. While it's nice to have an exact copy of the wiki that shall not be named, I would caution that we should prepare to have a backup if necessary. Once we appear on the radar at O5 Command, I would not put it past the admins there to try to fuck with us by reporting us to higher Wikidot staff, who may or may not side with them.

Therefore, while I'm not calling for an exodus right now, if necessary we should be prepared to go over to another site like Fandom where they can't touch us as easily. I'm aware that Fandom is less sophisticated than Wikidot and won't look as sleek, but it's highly user-friendly so it's a viable alternative in my opinion. But again, I'm only advocating this if necessary.

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