Flooded basement

I love reptiles. Amphibians too. When I was a kid I used to collect frogs, snakes, etc. by the creek. I even had my basement renovated into a pond to keep my two alligators, two caimans, and some tortoises and frogs. Not sure if that’s permissible code-wise or according to the homeowner's association, but I did get a licensed contractor to do it. The pond is four feet deep.

Well my two alligators died. And I’m getting married in a couple months, so I figured it’s time to drain my little basement pond and prepare to move out. She doesn’t much like the idea of an indoor pond, but promised me I could build an outdoor pond once we moved into our new house. I sold my frogs, and my caimans and tortoises are currently living in a plastic swimming pool. The pond is now empty except for maybe a few crickets that the frogs never got around to eating.

And yet, every night, when I’m lying in bed, I hear a sound. I couldn’t quite make it out at first, but I could tell it was coming from the basement. A couple days ago I finally realized what it was.


I know it's splashing but it stops every time I go down there to check. However, I had another strange experience. While I was wading down there looking for the source of the noise, I felt something tugging at my leg. Suddenly I was dragged down under the water and held there for a few seconds. That was the last time I ever went down there. Well actually, I went down there yesterday to drain the pump and drain the pond...

At the bottom of my pond is a layer of pebbles. Below that is a layer of gravel, below that a layer of lava rocks, and at the very bottom, a layer of sand. There was nothing else left after the water was pumped, except for one thing...

In the middle of the basement, at the bottom of what used to be the pond, there was a wooden carving of what looked like a mermaid. It was about a foot and a half long. It was wet, but did not appear damaged by the water.

I sure am glad that my state doesn't require you to reveal things that would stigmatize your property when you sell it.

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